Has Your Restaurant or Small Business Shutdown from the National Crisis Created by COVID-19?

Restaurant Shutdown from COVID-19?

Special Short-Term Insurance Program | 3 Month or 6 Month Policy | Minimum Premium as low as $1,500!

  • Delivery creates a new set of challenges for your restaurant or business. Lawsuits can become very expensive from $30,000 to $30,000,000 or higher verdicts happen!
  • To delivery you need a specialized insurance coverage known as Hired and Non-Owned Auto. This coverage protects your business from 3rd Party liability created when your employees delivery for you using their own vehicle. This coverage is excess of the drivers insurance on their vehicle.
  • It is likely that your current insurance policies do NOT cover food delivery. Even if the policy has Hired and Non-Owned Auto only a handful of company’s provide this coverage when your business uses employees to delivery your product.
  • If you do not currently offer delivery your current Workers Comp policy will not have the correct job classification for drivers. Once again there are just a few company’s nationwide that offer coverage for this job classification.
  • Employees using their vehicle to delivery also creates special considerations on pay and expense reimbursements.
  • Delivery creates the need for safety training before an employee ever takes their first delivery.

At My Delivery Insurance we know delivery like no other because its all we do!

We are The Upton Group, LLC a leading insurance agency specializing food delivery and restaurants. Licensed in all 50 states.

Jason Upton our Founder spent a total of 24 years in the pizzeria business. Spending 17 years as a franchisee of one of the largest pizzeria Brands in the world Jason leverages that experience to truly become your consultant and risk management professional.

At MyDeliveryInsurance.com we know this is a very difficult time in the life of our nation and withing your business. We have worked with our carriers to form a product specific to your needs to help you survive this national crisis. Municipalities and states are already ordering restaurants to close or go to pick-up or delivery it is clear that these drastic orders will continue to impact more and more business owners.

We will shop your coverage to get the most competitive price with the best terms and conditions to give you peace of mind that in the event of an accident you have the coverage you need. During this difficult time the last thing you need is to worry about the insurance component to this additional service. We are the total solution:

  • Safe Driver Training (Books and Testing)
  • Motor Vehicle Record Checks and Grading (Mandatory for Insurance Coverage)
  • Safe Vehicle Inspections
  • Consulting on Pay and Reimbursements
  • Collecting Driver Proof of Insurance
  • All Lines of Coverage Available as Needed
  • Short Term Delivery Policy or Traditional Annual Coverage

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Driver Safety Training Included

Consulting on Driver Requirements and Compliance with the Insurance you Need

Driving History Reports and Grading